Use these readings as apart of the assignment
Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth
“What it Feels Like to Be Transgender” by Lee Mokobe
“Where Are You From?” by Patricia Park
“Black Girl” by Ashley Anderson
All of these authors focus on intersecting identity factors. Sojourner Truth, for example, explores what it means to be an African American and a woman. Likewise, for this paper you will analyze at least two factors of your identity by showing how they intersect and how they influence you.
Analyzing means breaking down the whole to look closely at the parts. Therefore, for this essay you will break down your whole identity to look closely at multiple parts.
Don’t simply answer with a long list of associations. Instead, you should focus on two or three closely related aspects of your identity to ensure an in-depth analysis.
Your essay should show why your identity factors matter. Try tying your identity factors to one or more of the effects listed on the Intersectionality PowerPoint.
Include a thesis statement in your introduction that states the main point of your essay.
Divide your essay into at least four paragraphs (introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and conclusion).
Do not write more than 1000 words.
You may include quotations, but they are not required. If you do include a quotation, you must also include a works cited page.
Use the document as a guide I uploaded as a guide.