At this point you will combine the work you have done in stages 1 and 2 into a complete paper offering an interpretation of the myth you chose.
Write a 1000-1250 word essay that includes the following:
A brief summary of the myth
A descriiption of the cultural context of the myth
A descriiption of the archetypes seen in this myth and an explanation of how they can apply to nonmaterial culture (beliefs, values, norms, or customs and traditions etc.) and gender and/or societal roles in myth’s culture
An analysis of the meaning of the myth in that culture that uses a theoretical approach to shows how the myth relates to specific element(s) of non-material culture in terms of the moral, political, social, economic, scientific, or proto-scientific message it contains.
A conclusion
A reference list in MLA format
Submit this as a Word document. The text of the essay should be typed, double-spaced, and use a common 12 pt. font like Times New Roman or Calibri.