Description: Keeping up with current news and
research in education is imperative to maintaining your effectiveness as a
teacher. As such, you have been tasked with reading, watching and reflecting on
the resources/links above pertinent to your field as a teacher.
Directions: Answer each question in paragraph
form (5-7 complete & complex sentences). Please ensure that the question is
completely answered and that all answers are relevant to the forum prompt.
Summarize the readings and
media clip to determine at least 5 main points of this topic.
How is this applicable to 21st
century learners?
How will you use this knowledge
in your classroom?
If you wanted to expand your
knowledge in this topic, what else would you like to explore? (Ex. If the
readings were about climate change, a topic you might want to explore is
the effect of air pollution on regions in the Pacific.)
In order to complete the task, you must read
the attached articles, watch the supplemental media clips, and reflect using
the set template above.
Reflection Guidelines:
Individual answers reflect some semblance of
the required readings/video clips provided Answers are clear and concise ☐ Answered each of the four questions
provided on the template
Answer in the desired format (paragraph form;
5-7 complete & complex sentences) ☐ Forum Posts are written professionally, without slang, etc.