Please complete work on the attached template
Project 1, your Comprehensive Cloud Plan, is due this week.
The plan is for your client, a federal government agency, which is preparing for a Microsoft Azure cloud pilot. The Comprehensive Cloud Plan is the first of a two-part assignment for your client’s CIO. The plan should be submitted in a Word document. The Comprehensive Cloud Plan should be eight to 10 pages, including cover page, images or tables, and references.
Your plan should include the following information for the CIO:
an executive summary to describe the requirements
at least three benefits of using Azure
a detailed explanation of the Azure cloud types and deployment models
definition of common Azure terms: tenants, management groups, subscriptions, resource groups, and resources
the significance of FedRAMP
the Azure governance model
If you haven’t done so, download the Project 1 Template and follow the instructions in the document.
When you are finished, delete the instructional text from the template.