Instructions for Preparing your Case Analysis Paper
Step 1: Introduction/Overview of the Problem You have already prepared your case scenario introduction, overview, and problem in Assignment 3. You will need to include these three sections in your case analysis paper. A case should contain a description of the setting (time and place), the characters (personality and responsibility), and a sequence of events that are present in the problem or decision-making situation. Cases are usually presented in a narrative or story format. A narrative is a story of an event. It includes what happened, who was involved, when it happened, why it happened, and how it happened. A good narrative brings the characters and actions to life. The usual way to organize a narrative is chronologically, in the order in which events occur. You may organize in order of importance, or start with the setting and time, or the actual event. Sometimes it can be more effective to start with the end of the action, or somewhere in the middle, and then tell the story through a series of flashbacks. No matter how you organize the case, the principle is to make the narrative structure clear by transition and focused on the points that you want to make.
Step 2: Literature Review of Proposed Solutions The majority of your time will be spent researching, evaluating, and developing evidence-based proposed solution/changes. In this section, you will provide two or three specific and realistic solutions to address the problem.
Conduct a search of the literature on your accountability issue to discover best practices (5-8 sources maximum).
Explain two or three solutions.
Support these solutions with solid evidence, such as: Concepts from class (text readings, discussions, lectures), scholarly literature, professional wisdom.
Next, present the solution you think is important to pursue and explain why this one solution was chosen. Support this solution with solid evidence, such as: Concepts from class (text readings, discussions, lectures), outside research, professional wisdom (anecdotes).
Step 3: Recommendations Next, you will provide your recommendations for addressing the problem. In this section you want to address four specific questions:
What is the desired outcome?
Who is responsible for that outcome?
What resources are required to achieve the outcome (human resources, funding, stakeholders etc.)?
How will you know the outcome/goal is being met? What would you evaluate and how would you provide feedback?
Step 4: Reflection Lastly, reflect on how accountability in this leadership issue can be addressed from the perspective of Transformational Servant Leadership. In this final section it is important to integrate and apply what you have learned about Transformational Servant Leadership and how it can be applied to your recommendation.
Step 5: The requirements for the assignment are to submit a paper of no more than 12 pages double spaced. All papers submitted in this course must be written in accordance with APA Style (7th edition).