In this assignment, you will analyze organizational capacity specific to communication as it relates to culturally sustaining practices and leading organizational progression. Format your assignment as a memorandum. As a standard business document, a memo does not follow APA formatting guidelines for papers. However, you must cite and reference any resources you use according to APA style.
The standard format for a memo is:
Text of the memorandum written in prose, with a clear focus and point. If action is needed by the recipients, be sure to include a clear call to action.
Consider the following stakeholders, and then evaluate how leaders can best use communication strategies to improve capacity in a culturally sensitive manner:
Administrators (both superior and subordinate)
Other support staff and personnel
Parents (if applicable to the educational institution)
Governing board
Local community
As a leader:
Compose a memorandum to your fellow leaders.
Propose a concise new or improved social media presence for an organization you are familiar.
Share how communication, through the use of a concerted social media presence, would positively affect organizational capacity. All the while, be mindful of the findings within this week’s readings by Sun and Asencio (2018).
In addition, using a social media platform:
Provide examples of what you would create and share.
Identify the target audience as well as the social media platform.