In the example of Dr. Holstad’s work in this week’s Nursing Research Spotlight, the researchers created a creative strategy to address HIV-positive women’s medication adherence. Discuss a time that you used a creative strategy to care for a client. How could you use quantitative research methods to study whether the creative care strategy you used had positive patient outcomes? In your quantitative study, what would be one independent variable and what would be one dependent variable? What possible confounding variables would you need to control to ensure your study was internally valid? Papers will be brief and written from a first-person or third-person perspective due to the reflective nature of the writing prompt. Therefore, students may use the words I, me, or my in this reflective paper if desired. Title pages and abstracts are not required for this assignment. However, all other APA formatting guidelines will apply for this paper. A reference page with corresponding in-text citations are required. At minimum, students must reference one peer-reviewed resource that may include the course textbook. The body of the paper addressing the questions will be 500 words in length (not including the reference page)