In Presentation 4.2, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn addresses the media and the community, vigorously defending his agency against claims of racially biased policing practices. Chapter 4 of Law Enforcement Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management: The IMPACT Model outlines a series of techniques for gaining cooperation and support during interpersonal interactions. Based on your critical analysis of the Chief’s press conference, address the following questions:
Evaluate the skills and techniques from Chapter 4 that were evident in Chief Flynn’s presentation in terms of likely effective strategies that helped to communicate his position.
Assess the skills and techniques from Chapter 4 that were missing in Chief Flynn’s presentation that would have increased the power of his position.
Summarize what law enforcement and public safety leaders can learn from this communications case study.
Your response should be a maximum of three, double-spaced pages with standard fonts and margins. With so many types of agencies and professions represented in this program, there is no one structural model for the assignment format. Rather, choose the format (e.g., traditional academic essay, formal report, memo, etc.) that is the best fit for your current profession. Your work will be graded on organization, content, evidence and argumentation regardless of format.