In week 5 you will author an information and education paper on an IAM product of your choosing. You will explain its position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and explain how it meets the common control requirements.
It will be an APA styled research paper of no less than 500 word and no more than 1000. In the first paragraph you will educate the reader on what IAM is and why it’s needed. In the next 3 (or more) paragraphs you will introduce you product and explain the security need. In the final paragraph you will summarize the learning objectives in your paper.

** There should be no opinion in your paper (only research)
**Pronouns (I, Us, We, Them) should not be used


Content is worth 6 points
Organization is worth 1 point
Design is worth 1 point
Presentation is worth 1 point
References are worth 1 point