I need help my essy was due at 10:50 today and i need it done with 5 pargraphes the quashtion is (is harrsion a heretic ) i onlyhave
Yes Harrison was heretic. He believes himself and not others. He used to view that do not
confirm the views of the roman catholic church. The violence established rules and
tenants of a religion or is a person who has views that don’t conform to the norm.
Harrison says god doesn’t exist.
Harrison wasagains the church and he said god doesnt exist to the christions
and Harrison only thinks about himself. He doesn’t take no as an answer. There only
remained to draft and published. Harrison thnks hes the smartest person out of
research but wene u look it up its jesse.( that but can ya help me and make sure my thing makes sence my grade will go down to a 1 )