I have samurized all my experinces and skils and qualification on the file attached below, please read it throughly, we need to develop peronal statement that tolurated with experiences and so on, the intention of this essay is to convience addmission committess to grant me addmission for the purpose of pursing my higher education. I am applying for different gradute school to seek adminssion on master degree for civil, environmental and sustainability management and engineering fileds. My current employee has huge development plan for a historical city, aiming to turn it to a peace of art and open it for turism destination in the next ten years. again, Im part of a team whcih our employess has big and challanging plan and going to cover all aspects of development that vary from smal to big portflolio, programs and projects, starting with the local community improvement, and going through huge construction development such infrustucture, resorts, art centers, schools, expansion of airport, and so on..