I apologize for the short notice, however I did hire someone on 07/06 and it was suppose to be due on 07/10 by 10pm, and unfortunately, they did not submit the assignment. If you are willing to accept the assignment on such short notice, I appreciate it and if not, I completely understand.
After watching Video TED Talk https://tedmed.com/talks/show?id=7317 (13:04), consider a healthcare product/service experience purchased by you, a family member, or a friend, and answer the following questions:
Was this a discretionary purchase? Explain.
Were you the primary or secondary consumer? In other words, were you the decision maker regarding the purchase, or did others influence you?
How do healthcare consumers differ from other consumers when making purchase decisions? Describe at least three differences, and use examples to illustrate.
How does looking at your experience help you to understand healthcare consumer behavior?