Cultural values may be used as a roadmap for behavior. Examine one of Hofstede’s Value Dimensions by comparing and contrasting the two contributing topics.
Choose one of the following topics:
1. Individualism/Collectivism.
2. High/Low Uncertainty Avoidance.
3. High/Low Power Distance.
4. Masculinity/Femininity.
5. Long/Short-term Orientation.
Your assignment:
Provide an in-depth comparison of the value dimension you chose.
Examine the effect of your topic on society and intercultural communications.
Explain how you can utilize this knowledge to assist in enhancing your intercultural communication skills.

Please create a PowerPoint with up to 10 slides, which includes the title slide and the references slide.
Each slide should include a “scriipt” in the notes section of the slides as if you were presenting to an audience.
Include 3 APA references for the presentation.
Be creative and professional in a way that engages the audience from the scriipt.