This is discussion post assignment due tomorrow.
Please write few sentences or one short paragraph by answering each questions.
Read all below files and write clear, simple and easy to understand by using specific data / statistics from Module 6 (lecture 2) and use one speciic policy that should be revised.
Of the objective data (chart and graphs) in Module 6 Lecture 2, which did you find:
a) most interesting ?
b) most surprising ?
Please explain why you found it interesting and or surprising. Be sure to re-estate at
least a bit of the actual data/statistics in your response.(i.e.Give me the numbers!)
Part of the learning modules focused on white privilege- that is, a lack of awareness of the structural (or institutional) benefits of being white in white-dominant society, as well as the simple fact of not having to think about race in everyday life as a member of the dominant group. Also our learning module presents objective data by racial-ethnic groups across a range of social life (education, health, poverty,wages, unemployment, etc.)
a. Why is it important to think about white privilege and the objective measurable
data (i.e., the statistics) at the same time?
b. Does considering white privilege and data at the same time lead you to think a
bout a particular policy( or policy direction) or law that should be considered,
revised, or beefed up in order to deal with racial-ethnic inequalities, or perhap
s particular action you could take in your community or place of employment?
If so, what is that policy, or action? If not, why do you think it does not do so?