Answer this in essay format:
Write about the artist, Anna Atkins (1799-1871): Poppy, 1852, cyanotype photogram (make sure to write about the artists and the image listed)
Write an essay discussing this artist’s significant achievements, photographic processes and camera technology, style and themes and the interpretations based on historical context for his/her work. Make sure to include any photographic inventions as well.
REFER TO THE IMAGE LISTED PLEASE! (While you may refer to other images the artist produced, for minimum credit you MUST mention the image listed!)
200-300 word minimum please, can be longer. For a more complete essay, up to 750 words.
Use information taken ONLY from these sources:
The PDF lectures for the unit Lecture Chapter 1 and Lecture Chapter 2
The material in your textbook
(Pdf provided)
If you use outside sources, these MUST BE credible museum or art sources like The Getty Museum or SmartHistory. Do not use sites which share other student papers or other non-credible sources. If you do, you will receive a grade of zero points.
If you use credible outside sources, please use quotation marks and include an MLA citation on a Works Cited List at the bottom of your essay. Otherwise, you will receive a grade of zero points.
Summarize the material from the PDF lecture or the textbook in your own words instead of copying and pasting it directly into your essay.
If you use summarized material from the chapter PDF lectures, your textbook or the optional resources, then you DO NOT need to cite your sources!!
If you use material from ANY other source including Internet sources, then you must use quotation marks and include a CORRECT MLA 9 citation for the credible museum or art source in a WORKS CITED list at the bottom of your essay!! I will call these credible OUTSIDE SOURCES.
All other outside sources, like copying from a student paper you found on the Internet or student paper sharing websites are non-credible sources!
I will be using TURNITIN to assess whether you have used any credible or non-credible OUTSIDE SOURCES in your essay without using quotation marks and a citation.
Artist Significant Achievements include:
An artist’s significant achievements can be defined as information about the different series of photographs that they completed in their lifetime.
It might include books they published or significant exhibitions they were included in, people they knew or places or subjects they photographed.
It can also include inventions they made, photographic practices they were well known for, groups they were part of and things (good and bad) that happened to them that shaped their career as an artist.
Make sure your essay:
Is responsive to the question, clearly demonstrating that you have read and understood the material provided in the PDF lectures for each chapter.
Uses explanation and specific detail to support and clarify your claims
Uses standard grammar, punctuation, spelling and English usage
Draws on the PDF lecture for the unit, the material in your textbook and any source found on the Optional Resources for Module 1.
Summarizes the material from the PDF lecture or the textbook in your own words instead of copying and pasting it directly into your essay.
What SLOs does this assignment support?
Identify and describe works of art in different media, concepts, and methodologies of the nineteenth and twentieth-centuries using art-historical terminology
Apply art historical methods and critical thinking skills to interpret and communicate ideas relevant to nineteenth and twentieth-century art
Analyze works of art within their diverse cultural and aesthetic contexts, including political, visual and material culture
Explain through an analysis of the elements of art and principles of design as well as reference to historical context how artists historically solved visual problems
Create a body of individual written work suitable for a liberal arts degree for the local, national and global marketplace