HIST 423 Essay #1 Week 4
Purchase Required Textbook:
Meyer, Michael C., William L. Sherman, and Susan M. Deeds, The Course of Mexican History, 10th ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-19-991381-7
Readings and Lectures:
Textbook chapters 1-14
Audio/Video Lectures from Lessons 1-5
This essay covers nearly the entire colonial period of Mexico’s history including Chapters 1 through 14 and lectures from Lessons 1 through 5. One of the themes of the professor’s lectures and the textbook is the miscegenation, or mixing, of the pre-Columbian and Colonial periods. For example, the professor and the text discussed race mixture (i.e., mestizos) and religious mixture (i.e., the Virgin of Guadalupe), to name two of the most obvious.
For this assignment, write an essay discussing the MIXTURE of the two periods mentioned above. The essay must answer the following.
• How does the mixture of two different histories and cultures combine to create the colonial period of Mexico and how does this affect Mexico today?
• What else about the colonial past do you see has influenced Mexico today?
Essay Requirement:
• One full paragraph of at least 5 sentences
• At least 5 paragraphs, respond to the essay questions above. This includes grammar and spelling as well as overall format and syntax.
• One full paragraph of at least 5 sentences