I am in need of a Literary Research paper. For me to be successful in this paper I will need those instructions to be followed.
For this assignment I already have a well written essay that I earned a high B on so my teacher states that I can reuse it but expand on it for this research paper.
It’s a research paper that will need 7-9 Full pages (this does not include the works cited page). The formatting should be in MLA.
1. Clearly identify, via introduction and thesis statement, the focus on my argument paper that’s already done.
2. Reveal to your reader, via topic sentences, where your observations occur in your chosen work
3. Provide direct quotes in each body paragraph from the story, poem or play that illustrate to your reader supporting evidence for my argument paper that’s already done.
4. Provide a secondary quote in each body paragraph, from a source found through your research, that further illustrates to your reader supporting evidence from my argument paper that’s already done
5. Correctly cite your sources in your paper through the use of parenthetical citations following MLA formatting.
6.Correctly cite your source on your works cites page following MLA Formatting.
7. Meet the minimum page and source requirement for the assignment.
SOURCES: in addition to your primary sources (the story, the poem, or the play you’re writing about) you must have a minimum of five secondary sources from the source types listed below
• 1-2 books other than your textbook in which the story, poem or play appears *a must
• 2-3 scholarly journals from the library databases (Seminole state college) * a must
• Artemis Literary sources
• Literary Reference center
• Blooms Literature
• Academic search Complete
• social science journals
• psycArticles
• History Reference center
• 1-2 google scholar resources * a must
What not to put in the sources
• Wikipedia
• blogs
• personal interviews
• student papers
• book reviews
• encyclopedia
• dictionaries or websites such as spark notes, and enotes, cliffsnote, schmoop, gradesaver, bookrags, wikisummaries, jiffynotes, lit charts or similar sources/websites are not allowed in this assignment.
Please make sure to follow all these instructions so I can ace this paper. This is a big part of my final so passing this is a must for me!