This assignment will focus on developing a health policy analysis presentation that includes a problem statement, background, landscape, options, and recommendations. The health policy analysis presentation is based upon an identified healthcare issue in one’s local community or place of work.
Assignment Details
Research the CDC Policy Analysis Framework and use the CDC guidelines for Policy Process.
CDC’s Policy Analytical Framework | AD for Policy and Strategy | CDC (Links to an external site.)
CDCPolicyAnalyticalFramework (1).pdf
This document will be done utilizing the tools for policy implementation.
Conduct research and document the history of the chosen policy
Define your audience clearly.
You will redact a 3-page brief regarding a review of this policy. This brief will help inform policy recommendations. The focus of this assignment is to analyze the information gathered about this policy and to make recommendations. Address the following critical elements:
Review and augment your initial responses to that assignment considering the questions below.
Policy issue presented. This section should answer the following questions: Why is there a need for this policy? What are the policy options for this issue and how have these options have been prioritized to date?
The rationale for the need for this policy. The rationale should respond to the following question: How does this policy impact health?
Statement of Facts: Describe how implementing this policy will result in improved processes and healthcare delivery
History of this issue and policy. Include a summary of the information gathered. If further research is needed, provide details.
Cost-Benefit and Budgetary considerations. This section should answer the following questions: How do the costs compare with the benefit of this policy? (to do this you must consider the budget and describe its importance).
Legal and Ethical Considerations: Consider legal and ethical allowances and constraints and how they apply to your circumstances.
Policy Implementation: Answer – How will this policy operate including explaining how it will be adopted?
Policy Evaluation Measures: Answer the following question – Will there be a process to check for effectiveness? If so, what would that be?
Recommendations: Answer What are your recommendations to further implement policy with success.
Write the paper presenting analysis helping the reader understand policy, context, challenges faced including but not limited to gaps you find in the process and implications. Finalize your work with the outcome showing whether the policy is successful or not. Include next steps, if any.
Use infographics, diagrams, and graphs as needed to help support the points discussed.
Use APA format
Cite all references
Present this document as if presenting to stakeholders.