has to be over barren county, kentucky.
MUST Use footnotes
Must use page numbers (top right corner Last name #)
Must including the following documents:
A Will 2) A Marriage License, 3) Property Assessment, 4) A Deed, 5) Death Certificate 6) A County Court Record (could be minutes from a meeting, a suit filed against the county, etc…
Your paper should have the following sections:
Origins of the county and the seat (who was it named after and when)
Early History to the Civil War
The Civil War
The Age of Industry (normally post Civil War-today)
History of the Courthouse
Tidbits—Famous people, festivals, OTHER………
Problems facing the county today and for the future
Other things that you could use…… cemetery records, church records, family histories, census records, education, etc…….
You also must use 1 primary source (dairy, personal journal, government document, etc..) in your paper.
You should have numerous sources, using the County Court Clerk, the Kentucky Library, Historical Societies, among numerous others…….