GuidanceFill out the form below and add comments to evaluate President Biden’s first few months in office. Use information, arguments and concepts from the reading materials and the video to inform you comments. You may also want to do a bit of searching online or through newspaper articles or magazines for more information.TasksCopy and paste the template below into your submission
Fill it out, including with thoughtful comments, as if President Biden worked for you
Criteria for SuccessTemplate is fully filled out
information, arguments and concepts from the readings and video are integrated into your comments
Employee Performance Annual Review – President Joseph R. BidenWork SkillScore out of 10Job KnowledgeProductivityWork QualityTechnical SkillsConsistencyEnthusiasmCooperationAttitudeInitiativeWork RelationsCreativityPunctualityAttendanceDependabilityCommunication SkillsOverall RatingDiscuss 3 areas in which the employee most needs to improve:
Suggest possible strategies for improving employee performance:
Provide an overall assessment of the employee in approximately 300 wordsWould you hire this employee again? Why or why not?
Requirements: answer questions