Group Project
Student Learning Outcomes:
analyze communication behaviors, concepts, and appropriate communication
techniques in a variety of communication contexts
assess appropriate problem-solving strategies to achieve a group’s common goals
Identify and demonstrate effective
communication skills while working with others to accomplish a shared goal
Important Note: With the exception of the Individual
Reflection, it is expected that all
group members work on this project together
and equally. If a particular group member is not cooperating, team
members should first reach out to that individual to try to resolve the issue
within the group. If the problem continues, you should inform your instructor
immediately. Group members who do not actively contribute to the project may
receive a 0 for this assignment.
Group Paper Instructions (80 points)
and your group will choose one chapter in our textbook that has
been helpful to improving the relationships around you. You may choose from ANY
of the chapters in the textbook (even those we have not covered yet).
selecting a chapter, you must identify five key concepts/lessons/takeaways
from that chapter. They should be listed in complete sentences. You should
demonstrate that you understand the concept and explain the relevancy to
day-to-day life. Each concept or lesson should include an explanation as to WHY
your group feels it is an important lesson from the chapter. In-text citations,
including page numbers, should be included with each lesson/concept.
you and your group will find three short film clips or videos
(amateur or professional) that illustrate three concepts from the chapter. They
should align with the concepts you have addressed in the five key lessons
section. The films clips/videos should be short- less than 5 minutes in length
and be appropriate in content. In other words, they should have content that
would be appropriate to show in a classroom and workplace setting. At least,
one of the three videos should be closed captioned. Each video MUST
also include an explanation as to how it applies to the chapter concepts
you identified.
paper should also include an introduction, previewing what will be in
the rest of the paper, as well as a conclusion, summarizing the paper.
group should be using Microsoft Teams to brainstorm, share links and ideas, and
make comments. You will use this section to inform your Word document that you
will submit. Documents can be shared and edited within MS Teams if you wish.
group will submit a Word document including a title that shows me which chapter
you chose, an introduction, an explanation of your key concepts, a conclusion, working
hyperlinks to the short film clips or videos, and explanations below each link
connecting the clip to the concept. Each group will turn in ONE
cohesive document. There is a sample format provided in the Group Project folder
in Blackboard.
font, MLA heading, MLA margins required. (see Table 2: Grading Penalties)
group will receive a shared grade out of 80 points (see Table 1: Grading
Individual Reflection (10 pts) and Peer Evaluations (10 pts)
group member will complete an individual reflection and a peer evaluation
(template provided in Blackboard) to evaluate their fellow group members based
on level of participation, contribution, and overall success of the team.
evaluations are confidential and will not be shared – no exceptions.
to submit the Individual Reflection/peer evaluation correctly/on time (-10 pts for
the individual).
points are assigned for completing the individual reflection/peer evaluation
correctly/on-time and 10 points are assigned from the average peer scores from
your group. This means it is possible for each team member to earn a different
grade out of 100 points (see Table 1: Grading Rubric)
Table 1: Criteria for Success
Points Possible
Points Earned
Paper includes a title that clearly
indicates the selected chapter and each of the group members names are
Paper includes a helpful introduction
previewing the main points of the paper.
Five concepts are clearly
identified in the paper and written in complete sentences. Each
lesson/concept is explained for relevance and demonstrates understanding
of the concept. Each lesson/concept includes an in-text citation from
the textbook.
Three videos are listed, and each
video has a working link. At least one of the videos is closed captioned.
Each video has an explanation as to
its relevance to the identified chapter concepts.
Paper includes a helpful conclusion
that summarizes the main points of the paper.
Individual Reflection and Peer Evaluations
(collected and tallied by instructor
Total Points
Deductions (see
Table 2: Grading Penalties)
Overall Grade (may
vary by individual)
Table 2: Grading Penalties
Possible Number of Points Deducted
Penalty Points Applied
Incorrect formatting (MLA, Header,12-pt font, 1-inch margins,
Up to 10 pts
Typos/grammatical errors/one video should be closed captioned
Up to 10 pts
Failure to submit Individual Reflection/Peer Evaluation correctly/on
10 pts