Refer to Assignment One folder for Marking Rubric (Please see rubric attached)
In this formal paper, the learner will select one example of a group process issue from their clinical setting (previous or present).
The learner will classify the group issue within the paper as an issue related to Ineffective: Problem-solving, Decision making, Conflict Management, Communication, or Boundary Management.
This formal paper will specifically address the following- issue at hand, norms of the group, informal and formal group roles, stage of group development, leadership behaviours, and other variables that were present in the organisation (example, change, new boss, layoffs, etc.) that may have contributed to the issue. You will need to use your course texts and include peer-reviewed journal articles.
Literature is to be used in all parts of the assignment and must be relevant and recent – within five years. A minimum of 6 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (recent and relevant) MUST be used. Additional literature can be used beyond the 6 required. The maximum page limit is 7 (not including the title page and reference page(s)).
Paper layout
Group Discussion* – Discuss the type of group, group culture, norms of the group, informal and formal group roles, stage of group development, leadership styles and behaviours, and other variables relevant to the group process issue.
Group Issue* – Identify and describe the group issue. Support your statements with literature. Ensure that all aspects of the scenario are clearly explained, and ideas are presented concisely.

Strategies – Identify and describe five strategies from the recent literature that a nurse may use to resolve the issue to enhance group effectiveness specific to the group process issue(s) you identified for this assignment.
*For the paper layout, you can choose to arrange it so the group issue is reviewed before the group discussion if you would prefer