. While reading Chapter 6: Global Health Ethics, a need for a global health ethical framework becomes apparent.
The Framework Convention on Global Health [FCGH] (p. 143), will be the focus of this week’s discussion. The overriding themes of this framework are presented below:
• The Health Gap that still exists is partly due to lack of existing substantial health and social policies.
• To achieve global justice, there must be equity.
• To achieve equity, we need to include economic, social and political interventions.
• The FCGH proposed three essential conditions for a healthy life that would be met through a global governance structure and new international law that would establish a health financing network with obligations, accountability, monitoring standards and enforcement:
o Well-functioning health systems that provide quality care
o Full range of public services
o Access to economic and social determinants for good health
• FCGH plan to include initiatives against “drivers” of health disparities.
• The importance of social mobilization (bottom of p. 142) and collaboration.

Discuss the following two topics in your discussion post:
• What global health ethical conflicts or issues does the above Framework Convention on Global Health Plan address?
• How do you envision the global health nurse being involved in governance/legislation and/or policy change to help achieve the goals proposed above by the FCGH plan?
To find more information regarding nurse involvement in policy change, refer to:
A New Era in Global Health textbook, CH. 10 pp. 218-219.
Health Promotion in Nursing Practice textbook, CH. 14 Highlights from Module 3 Readings and Resources