You are to find five academic sources and then write a summary of your topic using the knowledge gained from the sources. Typically, a literature review with five sources is 3-5 pages in length, not including the title page, and the works cited. ALL components of APA formatting must be followed, excluding the abstract.
You have completed the Literature Review Overview Module, including APA Formatting & Writing a Literature Review. You have zeroed in on your topic, (GENETICS) It is now time to put all of these pieces together & construct your Literature Review. Please focus on the rubric, your formatting, and developing your content knowledge. Visit your local library and check out the non-fiction children’s section and information section for additional sources.
Official Rubric
Five Academic Sources minimum are required. The sources should be from educationally reputable sites, journals, texts, or other scholarly resources. Please use APA formatting. Grammar & spelling should be correct
The literature review should be tightly focused on the science topic you were assigned. It should include all important content to understand the science concept. The development of the concept within the literature review should be coherent and connected.
The overview of your concept provided should be thorough, and accurate (most importantly). All elements should be considered and included to ensure a complete understanding of the topic.