The formal report must be approximately 1,200 words, excluding title and any reference pages (if you include secondary research).
It must adhere to APA style, use appropriate headings to organize sections logically, and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
It is to be developed around the following scenario:
Your company is preparing a proposal to host a three-day music festival in the city, using a large tent to be erected in a downtown municipal parking lot, and an outdoor stage with a retractable roof.
Some things to include/consider:
Feasibility of your design – how you will get the project done
Cost Estimates (make up numbers)
Some research to justify your decisions
Any drawings/pictures should be counted separately from your 6-8 pages. On a related note – do not spend too much time on drawings since the writing is what will be graded most heavily
The style of the festival, its viability, how the city stands to benefit from it (both financially and culturally), municipal noise by-laws, and health and safety concerns.
Invent any information that would give the report the correct format, tone, style, and content development.