For this assignment, you will begin to review the literature directly related to the topic or research idea/topic you selected. The task for this assignment will be to find at least six references that relate to the research idea and to briefly summarize them in your own words. The references must be peer-reviewed and published in an academic journal. The work done in this assignment will contribute to your research paper due at the end of the course and the references reviewed will form the Works Cited page(s) of the final paper. The literature review shall have 1″ margins, 12pt Times New Roman font and the references shall be cited in MLA format. Paragraphs within the summary shall be single-space. The review should include a summary of the important points from each source. You should also express how each source is relevant to the research idea. (please see below for an example) The literature review will be submitted via Canvas at the date and time designated below. The literature review is worth a maximum of 40 points toward the student’s final grade in the course.
Compare the leadership traits and effectiveness of the last two presidents: Barack Obama and Donald Trump.