First part: 3 full pages: Summarize the gist of the case in 1-2 paragraphs, then using the discussion questions and case study brief as a guide, identify the major issues and core elements of the case and discuss your ideas regarding how these issues might be addressed. Your analysis is based on evidence from the case, other research you conduct of the subject matter, what you have learned from the text and your critical thinking skills.
***Link to the Case Study –,%20No%203%20(IJHETT%202020).pdf#page=96.
***Discussion Questions:
What is you overall assessment of Panera’s strategy to attract and acquire Gen Z customers?
If you were in charge with this plan what would you modify about their current strategy? 2a. What aspects would you eliminate or change? 2b. What different strategies or tactics might you add to the current plan.
Do you think their strategy will be successful? Why or why not?
Second part: 1.5 pages: Provide a concise write-up of the first part, which should include the most important aspects of the case, as well as an explanation about how the case relates to the class/book content. The format for this part should: (1) Introduce the company broadly, explain what they do etc. basic information. (2) find a current (or even better) a future strategy the company is taking on or intends to move towards – it should be very current. Note I am not asking you to find more articles to analyze; this should be easy to find with google search, look for press releases and other news; (3) Analyze this strategy and predict why or why it will not be successful, and defend your position. Chapters 1-15 (book attached)