Final Capstone Project Your Final Capstone Project/Master’s Thesis submission must be professionally prepared and free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. The formatting protocol of the American Psychological Association (APA) is the approved format for Aspen University. The specific length of the formal document may vary somewhat depending upon the topic selected, the use of tables, matrices, graphs, or other visual supplements.
The following sections should be included:
• Title page
• Abstract
• Table of Contents
• Chapter 1 – Introduction (Background, Significance, Justification, Purpose)
• Chapter 2 – Literature Review
• Chapter 3 – Method (as appropriate for your project—may include project design, procedures, evaluation methods, etc.)
• Chapter 4 – Discussion of findings and Recommendations
• Chapter 5 – Conclusion
• References
• Appendices, as appropriate The Final Capstone Project/Master’s Thesis submission for dissemination should be prepared using the Microsoft Office suite (Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® as appropriate), appropriately paginated using a twelve-point standard style font such as Times New Roman, Century Schoolbook, etc. Although the foregoing project format requirements may suffice for most capstone projects, there may be some appropriate variations approved by your Capstone Instructor.
I have already completed the annotated bibliography and can send copies. I will also attach copies of the survey I made for staff.
Practicum Site: Penn State Hershey Hampden Medical Center
Department: Surgical Services
-Created schedule for Nurses and surgical technologist to increase/facilitate “Work-life balance”
A list of daily needs (# of nurses and techs) needed to get through the day and staff was responsible for assigning their own shifts and picking their work days through the week. As long as there was at least 5 nurses on a day and no 2 nurses or techs could take vacation at a time. Scheduling by laws attached.
Staff had the option of picking 8hr, 10hr, or 12 hr shifts. 2 RN’s started at 10hrs and decided they wanted to go back to 8hrs. We had some staff resign although it minorly affected the schedules.
Findings are that about 75% of staff enjoyed their new schedules and the other 25% switched to another shift. Recommendations are to support staff while balancing the staff Willing to chat and answer questions.