First, remember to select any CUSTOMER SEGMENT, and I chose ‘New Panay Agri-Ventures Dev’t Inc., and identify a priority PROBLEM and make a problem statement (please see problem statement in the ppt file for your reference, kindly improve it).
Recalling your Design Thinking and referencing any template available on google images, create a PERSONA PROFILE for that segment; a PROBLEM STATEMENT for that persona. My favorite mash up of Design Thinking and the Lean Startup (please see slide 4 of ppt file for your reference).
– The Customer “Job or Jobs” here, which stems for the Need (as in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) refers to the UNIVERSAL JOB STRUCTURE (search for the Customer Centered Innovation Map as a reference)
– For the Motivation part, you may want look at B.J. FOGG’s Behavioral Model ( which states that customer behavior (current and desired) is a function of both Motivation and Ability.
– For the Expected Outcome portion, a good reference would be the LADDER of BENEFITS framework.
Next formulate a CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP or CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MAP that illustrates the persona’s current situation. (I already made this one, please see attached pdf file)
Then you can create a VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS to summarize your hypothesis of the priority Needs ,Customer Jobs, Pains and Gains, and the corresponding Pain Relievers and Gain Creators that lead to the Ladder of Benefits that will comprise your “Minimum Desirable “ Value Proposition that best fit the customer persona’s Expected Outcome.
Having done this, then design the New Customer Journey MAP that suits your Value Proposition.
Finally you can then create a Business Model Canvas that your team, as if it were a startup company, would pitch to a potential investor.