The entire written part of the assignment should be no less than 1 page and no more than 2 pages typed (5 points), double spaced (2.5 points), 12 font (2.5 points)
Reference page is page #3 – no more than total of 3 pages.
Paragraph 1: Justification of how you know the journal is peer-reviewed and why you picked the other articles and note if scientific, opinion, etc., minimum of 3 sentences
Paragraph 2: Highlight the major points of the articles used and discussed by the author(s), and include a brief discussion of the disease/disorder, minimum of 10 sentences
Paragraph 3:
• In your assignment, be sure to bold each of the words that are bolded below
• Write about the population affected with this disease, minimum of 2 sentences
• Write about the morbidities OR comorbidities associated with the disease, minimum of 2 sentences
• Write the specific statistics associated with the prevalence rate, incidence rate and mortality rate for this disease, minimum of 5 sentences
• Write the tests/procedures that can be done to conclusively identify the disease and/or tests/procedures that should be done to rule out another disease, minimum of 3 sentences
Cite all references, in APA format, at the end of this document- * *NO INTEXT CITATIONS*
After the Reference page (page 3), the 1st page of the Peer Reviewed journal article ONLY is submitted with the assignment as a pdf or jpeg after the references, so the last page making it page 4.