e Internship One Paper
The Internship One Paper is due at the end of the thirteenth week of your Internship One work experience.
The first part of this paper will revisit your expectations of your Internship One and compare them to the
reality of your appointment. This will also include an overall evaluation of the appointment and organization
for which you worked.
What did you find while doing the work? How was it similar or different from what you expected? Do you
intend to follow this career path? If not, which direction do you intend to go and why?
The second part of the paper will complete the following phrase. I wish I had paid more attention in class
when we covered . You really need to know that working in this business because
. Everyone has something they wished they knew more about. Maybe it is something you paid
attention to but did not ask questions about and you wished you had. What was that topic or topics? Again,
the paper must be of a sufficient length to thoroughly express your thoughts, findings and opinions. The paper
should be uploaded to Blackboard under assignments. The paper should not hold less information or volume
than ANY submitted journal – understand the significance of the final paper and apply your best effort
It will be graded based on the following:
• Format – is it properly spaced and numbered? (A)
• Cover – does it have the required cover page? (A)
• Due – is it on time?
• Part One
Expectations vs. Reality – is there a comparison between expectations and reality? (B)
Learned – what did you learn about the industry? (C)
Effect on career – how does this alter your career path? (D)
• Part Two
I wish I had paid attention to in class (E)
Because (F)
• Writing – Grammar and spelling (G
the paper is suppose to be based on my internship with the Columbia FireFlies minor baseball team, I’ve been
working in the box office this summer…. I attached a file of an example of how it’s suppose to look