This outline is our assignment that is due before our 6 page paper in a few weeks. This is not the actual paper. I will include all of the details below and I will include a few attachments that has the outline that needs to be followed. Please do not use any textbooks as sources. Please try to use material that is based in the U.S. If at all possible I would like to have the same writer to write my 6 page paper after this outline is approved by my instructor. Start your research and obtain a minimum of seven articles related to your topic. Based on these articles, write an outline of your paper and the areas you will address. These could include areas like history, etiology, prevalence rates, stereotypes, ethical issues, differences in culture, contributing risk factors, etc. When doing this you should have all references you are going to use in your paper. Do not just select the first seven articles you find. The majority of these resources should be journal articles, but you may also include books, government documents, dissertations, etc. Newspaper articles or magazines such as Time or National Geographic do NOT count. Review a variety of articles and pick the most appropriate articles for your topic.