1. The textbook offers seven suggestions for becoming a better listener. Please list and describe them. During the class introduction speeches, do you think you were listening critically or could you have benefited from employing some of these suggestions? Remember a good listener can be an excellent communicator.
2. Watch the Ted Talk – “5 Ways to Listen Better” and go into detail how you might now change how you listen. Write about how these five things might possibly help you in situations that you find yourself in at present.
Your reply to the original topic questions must be a minimum of 300 words.
Respond with a thought-provoking comment on the ideas and research presented.
Do not simply comment on grammar and rhetoric.
In order to receive full credit your reply to the original question and your peer comments must be on two separate days. (There is a 20% penalty for posting responses on the same day.)
You must cite with either page numbers or sections from the text next to your writing as well as the video if present to support your opinions or you will not receive a grade.