Discuss the role that women played in the progressive movement and how their work reflected the new social sciences cirriculum at many U.S. colleges and universities in the early twentieth century. State your thesis clearly in your first paragraph. In the body of your essay (1-3 paragraphs), explain your key points using historical examples or short quotations (no longer than 2 lines of text) from two scholarly sources – one of which may be the textbook. Please note that at least one historical source must be the result of your own research.
NOTE: You will need to conduct research to find at least one scholarly source that provides information to support your answer; if you get stuck or are unsure of appropriate historical sources, I HIGHLY suggest you contact the Saddleback College librarians (via the college website) forhelp with research – they are fantastic resources!
While you are expressing an argument in this essay, do not say “I think” or “I believe;” simply state your thesis as objective fact in the first sentence, and then use your sources and historical specifics to support it. While this assignment is brief, it is a formal history essay, so avoid slang and do not use “I,” “we,” “our;” instead, write in the objective third person.
Draft your essay in the word processing program of your choice; please see the sample essay attached for document formatting: 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced with 1-inch margins and the first line of each paragraph indented. Be sure to include Chicago Manual Style in-text source citations, as well as full Bibliography entries at the end of your essay. Have someone proofread your work and use spellcheck on your final draft. Save your document as a PDF and submit below by Saturday at 11:59 p.m.
(I have uploaded the grading rubric in files, please make sure to also check them out)