Cultural Artifact Project
Connect a cultural artifact of your choosing to course readings/class discussion via a paper and presentation
Examples of cultural artifacts: poems, paintings, videos, music, cell phones, television, movies, advertisements, tools and social media
Paper due December 3rd (worth 15% of final grade) Presentation due November 23rd (worth 10% of final grade)
Paper Format Requirements:
• 6 – 8 pages in length
• 12pt. Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced
• 1” margins
• Free from grammatical, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammatical errors
• APA citation style
Additional Paper Requirements:
• Detailed description of cultural artifact* Please take care to un-pack the meaning behind your artifact, its’ significance (and impact) on you and society as a whole
• Explain how cultural artifact connects to at least one theory from class
• Utilize at least 5 additional academic sources in your paper – please discuss and use direct quotes from each source in your paper
*If possible, please create an Appendix in your paper that includes an image of your artifact, or the full poem, or a link to the website/video, etc. You may also include images/stills throughout your paper if you are discussing certain features/aspects of your cultural artifact.
Presentation Requirements:
• Discuss your project paper via a 5 – 10 minute presentation
• PowerPoint (or other Presentation format like Prezi)**
• Link to submit presentation will be available on eCourses – the class will be able to view and comment on everyone’s presentation
• Provide critical and constructive feedback for at least 3 of your classmates’ presentations
Options for Presenting:
• Record yourself presenting in an empty classroom or at home
• ZOOM recording of yourself presenting where you share your screen (presentation or slides)
• Create voice memos or a voiceover that is embedded within your powerpoint
• Create a YouTube video
**Additional formats for your presentation are welcome – please contact Dr. Collins to share your ideas
Guide for Formatting Presentation:
• Slide 1: Title of Presentation with your name
• Slide 2: Share image, film clip, text, etc., of cultural artifact – Explain inspiration and significance of this cultural artifact. Why is it important? Why did you choose this artifact over others?
• Slide 3: Connection to course material – please use a direct quote here
• Slide 4: Connection to additional academic sources (at least 3 of your sources) – please use direct quotes or bullet point summaries of the main themes/ideas of your sources. How do these sources reflect the overall subject of your paper/presentation?
• Slide 5: Significance of Cultural Artifact and Concluding Thoughts – what is the impact of your artifact on society?
• Slide 6: Works Cited (Please ensure you properly cite any images in your presentation and all 5 of your outside, academic sources).