Social psychology is an area of the discipline of psychology which offers us the opportunity to adopt a more subjective, reflexive relationship to theory and practice. In Critical, Cultural Social Psychology the objective, neutral stance of the psychologist is rejected in favour of a subjective, partisan stance. Assessment Two offers you an opportunity to develop or re-engage with those reflexive skills through the practice of diary keeping. Reflexivity is different from reflectivity. Reflective means thinking about one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Reflexive means thinking about one’s thoughts, feelings and actions through the eyes of another. For this assessment, you will engage with reflexivity through the eyes of the various writers whose work we will discuss during the unit through critically engaging with your thoughts about psychology.
For the first eight teaching weeks, you should keep a weekly diary of your learning. The diary will contain two sections. In the first section you should summarise your learning from that particular week (e.g., week 1) in the form of a summary of the ideas contained in the teaching videos, content covered by any required reading and the topics discussed during the online tutorial for that week. This should be a concise summary and be no longer than 125 words.
The second section will be your critical reflexions on that material in relation to what you learned about the role of social and cultural factors in psychology, how your understanding of social support and social power has either been consolidated or changed during that week and what dilemmas or inconsistencies you have identified in your understanding of psychology’s approach to particular social issues. You should approach this task as an exercise of considering your own thoughts, feelings and actions through the perspective of the different approaches we cover that week. This section should be no longer than 275 words.
Once you have completed eight weeks of diary entries (one entry per week for the first eight teaching weeks), you will choose the two diary entries that you feel best meet the marking criteria. Pick you best work and submit those two diary entries in one document. The other six logs should be included as a appendix to that document, but will not be assessed. The length of the assessment must not exceed 800 words (this word count does not include your appendices).
Text should be word-processed and follow the APA style for layout.
Use Arial font and double spacing.
You must include a reference section at the end of the assessment. Referencing and citations should be in the APA format
I have attached a sample of a previous student bellow with comments from teacher
This is the video the teacher explaining more on the assessment