Directions: Below is a cluster diagram that was prepared by a co-worker, Anthony Ortez, at the Acme Fence Company. Anthony has been transferred and his work divided among the other technical writers. He prepared the diagram in response to the Public Relations Departments request. They need to develop a communication that will detail fence construction.
1. Document Preparation: A short document consisting of 2 paragraphs with the goal to (1) instruct an audience by directing actions (2) inform an audience of fact, concerns or questions you might have. Refer page 38 to determine goals of writing.
2. Vocabulary building: Your report must be written including the following words: culminate, egress, expanse, buttress and pertinent.
3. Document Production: 11 point Arial, double-spaced, footer containing the name of the document left, page number center, and author’s last name right. Label each paragraph with the goal of writing. All vocabulary-building words are to be italicized.
Save your report as a MS Word or .RTF document, attach it and submit the assignment.
FAQ: What are the rules for using commas? and What are the rules of using Apostrophe?