a report on which team members developed each part.
Project things to do: Create table, add integrity, primary keys, foreign keys,
and start inserting data.
We need to
define the relationship between Orders Tables and Pizza and Nonpizza Tables
(including all sub-Tables) to ensure data flows appropriately.
Team lists of tasks
designated for each person. Please insert the data in the table assigned to
Shamyog: Pasta, Sauces, Chips, Fountain_Drinks
Yasmin: Specify the relationship between each table and make
sure Primary Keys and Foreign Keys specified based on the relationship
Ahmed: Customers, Pizza_Toppings, Sizes, Store,
and Pizza
Wenjian: Pizza_Toppings, Toppings,
and Employees, Cookies
Kevin: Orders, Chicken_Wings, Toppings, Cheese_Breads,
Alana: You will ensure all parts flow well when
it is submitted.
Alana creates
a report who developed each part of this experience.