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The working conditions during the Industrial Era were some of the worst our country has ever seen. During this era, there was a political ideology called classic liberalism. Classic liberalism is known from laissez-faire capitalism which means, the government plays as little role in the economy as possible. Therefore, there were basically no rules in place for the working people at the time. Whatever rich person someone worked for was the person who made the rules. Oftentimes, the owner did not care for the workers safety. The Industrial Era working conditions are characterized by long working hours, low wages that barely covered the cost of living, and dangerous/dirty areas of work.
There are sweatshops right here in the United States. Here is a link to a CBS news story “Garment Workers in Los Angeles describe the “modern day slavery” of sweatshops: “They paid us like 5 and 6 cents for a piece.”” (Links to an external site.)
In 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor investigation found pay violations in 85% of the L.A. garment shops looked into. Right there is a similarity to the working conditions during the Industrial Era; terrible wages. Conducting more and more investigations is a way to ensure that garment shops like this one have fair pay and safe working conditions. There are already labor laws in place that are there to prevent these things from happening. That’s why more and more investigations is one of the only solutions to preventing sweatshops and “modern day slavery.”