After using research to illustrate the severity and significance of the problem, the student will then make 4 recommendations (based on the research at hand) as to what would address and alleviate the problem. If the recommendation focuses on one primary activity / policy, be sure to explain the various components that comprise that activity to “make up for” the remaining 3 recommendations write this in a persuasive and researched manner; i.e. with a thesis and research as supporting evidence. Thesis pattern sample: Example thesis using pattern: Falls during physical therapy are a problem because they can set back recovery, create new medical problems, and demoralize the patient. To prevent or reduce falls during physical therapy, it would be beneficial to develop individualized treatment plans that evaluate the patient’s risk factors for falls, improve the function of the vestibular system, and incorporate at-home exercises that promote balance. __PROBLEM__ in/during/among __FIELD__ are a problem because __Main Point of Evidence 1 (E1)__, __Main Point of Evidence (E2)__, and __Main Point of Evidence (E3)__. To prevent/alleviate/reduce _PROBLEM_, it would be beneficial to _LIST OF RECOMMENDATIONS_. Requirements: A minimum of FOUR (4) sources ( i have left 6 for you to choose from must be used in this assignment. At least ONE (1) source must address the problem or issue from a global perspective; i.e. a study conducted on the topic in another country. The sources must show the ways in which the topic at hand is a problem / challenge as well as what is being done to alleviate the problem. (Often, these will be found in the same article.) Length: 1750 words minimum (at least seven double-spaced pages long), not including citations. Format for report, in-text citations, and reference list: MLA Must match provided outline, based on pgs. D-21 – D-27 of A Writer’s Reference, 10th Ed. Please direct your attention to this section of the textbook.