one-page document that includes problem statement, a purpose statement and research questions.
Make sure that the following is included in your one page:
1-Is the problem stated clearly?
2-Does the researcher provide a clear enough context for the study?
3- Does the researcher persuade the reader through logic and evidence (referencing) that there is a need for this review?
4-Have relevant key concepts been identified?
5- Is there a Purpose Statement that begins: ‘The purpose of this review is to…
6-Does the Purpose Statement state the broad goals of the review?
7-Are there Research Questions?
8-Do the Research Questions unpack the problem? These are questions which guide the review towards its key purpose.
9- Are the questions stated as questions?
10- Are the questions specific, containing only one question for each?
11- Is published research available on these questions?
12-Have Key Concepts been identified?