Community Health Assessment Instructions: (FOR CLINICAL CONCEPT NOTEBOOK) (2 Pages)
1. Perform a virtual assessment on your population/community, the South Dakota Indian population. To guide your assessment, please utilize the following websites:
a. Indian Health Service:
b. Great Plains Area:
2. As you are performing your assessment, think of your current course concepts and how they correlate to your population.
a. BSN246 Concepts
i. Elimination
ii. Gas Exchange
iii. Glucose Regulation
iv. Hormonal Regulation
v. Perfusion
vi. Mood & Affect
vii. Infection
viii. Mobility
ix. Sensory Perception
x. Tissue Integrity
3. Upon completion of your comprehensive virtual assessment, choose one health related concept that you can use to complete your clinical concept notebook.
Community Reflection Instructions: (FOR REFLECTION JOURNAL) (2 Pages)
1. Use the following reflection prompts to complete a 1 – 2 pages reflection journal detailing your community health assessment experience and what you learned from this experience.
2. Submit your reflection journal in APA format.
· Define social determinants of health.
· Define health inequity.
· How do these (social determinants of health & health inequity) relate to the community being assessed? (Please address at least 2 specific social determinants of health).
· What course concepts were present within the community health assessment? (Please address at least 2 course concepts). What is the correlation between the course concepts found and your assessed community?
· How do you feel your community health assessment will inform your role as a future nurse leader?
· What was your biggest take away from your assessment. Explain.