COM 212 Writing Assignment 2
The final paper asks you to reflect on the course by choosing an interpersonal communication phenomenon and describing the research that has been done on it in a 5–7 page paper (excluding references). You may find it easiest to find a peer-reviewed journal article you find interesting and to then find other work which cites the paper or is cited by the paper. The paper should include: an introduction with your definition of the phenomenon and an overview of research on
the topic, sections grouping related research, and a conclusion recapping this research. This paper should use eight peer-reviewed journal articles and/or academic textbooks at a mini
Essay requirements:
· 5-7 pages, excluding references
· APA Format
· 5 Academic level citations (peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks)
1. Introduction
Introduce some interpersonal communication phenomenon you have observed (e.g. bullying, emotional support, mentorship, emotional contagion, conflict, ect.). Note that I am not looking for a single instance of a phenomenon (i.e. “one time my friend told me that they found out that…”) but a class of phenomenon. You might start by finding an interesting journal article and picking a variable from that article. Use the introduction to define the phenomenon and to give a brief description of how researchers have approached it. Note that your definition will likely have limitations – what are they, and why is this ok for the purposes of your paper?
2. Sections on research areas
Unlike paper 1, the body of this paper is up to you. Try to pick out themes from your research – it could be different theoretical approaches you’ve seen, different groups of researchers who have tackled the topic (for instance, if you see 2-4 authors working together across 2-3 papers), or conflicting findings. I am looking for your ability to find research papers and then to organize your understandings through writing.
3. Conclusion
Overview your findings and provide a brief summary for each section discussed up to this point. Conclude with your final assessment of what research says so far about the phenomenon in question.
4. Bibliography
Must have 8 sources, listed in APA style. I want these to be good quality academic sources like journal articles or textbooks. Bad sources: random web pages, news articles, forums, blogs, reddit, Wikipedia, ect. Note that these ‘bad sources’ are perfectly acceptable for your initial investigation, but not for supporting your findings.
Let me know if you have any questions.