Choose one object from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s (MET) articles ‘Early Cycladic Art and Culture’, ‘Mycenaean Civilization’ or ‘Minoan Crete’ (linked below), and write a four-part analysis of the object. This analysis will include: an assessment of physical properties (material, size, shape, technique), analysis of visual or formal structure (line, light, form, color, composition), identification of subject matter/ symbolism (this is done through research – refer to the text book, MET articles, and entries on individual MET objects), and integration with cultural context (consider things like where it was created, who made it, what or for whom it was made, was it commissioned, does it depict a particular event or was it created during a period of peace or political/religious upheaval?). You are, of course, allowed to use the information there, but you must phrase it in your own words. OR OR