choose a prompt that is specific to one story:
1. The Lottery: Prove that this story is the foundation for the dystopian fiction that followed it.
2. All Summer in a Day: Explain why the sun is the main symbol in this short story.
3. The Tell-Tale Heart: Argue whether the narrator should be convicted of murder, or if he is innocent due to his insanity.
4. The Monkey’s Paw: Argue whether or not Herbert was at the door at the end, and in what form.
5. The Lady or the Tiger: Argue if you think the princess sent her lover to the lady or the tiger.
6. The Bet: Argue who has led the worse life: the banker or the lawyer.
7. The Story of an Hour: Argue what emotion Mrs. Mallard felt when she saw her husband and died.
8. The Most Dangerous Game: Argue whether Rainsford has changed for the better or the worse by the end of the story.
Develop a thesis statement that would directly answer the prompt, AND pick AT LEAST three direct quotes from the short story to use as evidence (at least one cited/analyzed quote per body paragraph