Choose a person, place or event that you think is
interesting. This person, place, event or object can
be from ANY place around the world. It could be an actor, musician, scientist;
or a battlefield, city, or
area; new medical devices, technical items, etc. Any of these will work as long
as you can find
published data from at least 6 CREDIBLE sources (Wikipedia can be used as 1
source only). Develop
a 5-7 minute speech with 3 main points around unknown facts about the topic.
Search for things
that you think we DON’T already know and be creative when developing your main
points based
on the research you find. You will need to develop 3 main points to discuss.
Make sure the file you submit is one of these file types or it will not be
accepted: .pdf, .rtf, .doc, .docx.
You need to follow the directions about preparation outlines your textbook and
use the template I
have provided. Include details you plan on discussing under the main points and
in-text citations in
the body of your outline. This outline needs to follow the guide posted in
Canvas. An example outline
is also posted. You will need to create a Works Cited page for your outline and
include all your
sources listed in MLA format. You will need to VERBALLY state ALL sources
during your speech
to identify where the information came from. Review pages 153-155 in your
textbook for how to
properly cite sources verbally. Print a copy of your outline to submit BEFORE
you speak if
delivering this speech in class! Late outlines will not be accepted for any
reason. Students can
print for free in the AACC library.