Character Study
Character Study: Individualism and Imagination (the Romantics)
In 500-750 words, analyze one character from our authors from weeks five and six (Irving, Hawthorne, Melville, or Poe)
Questions to consider as you brainstorm the essay’s content:
What kinds of traits does this character exhibit?
How are these traits expressed within the story?
Why are these traits important to the story?
What is this character’s role within the story?
How does this character interact with/affect others in the story?
How does this character change as the story unfolds?
How does the character change others as the story unfolds?
What makes this character important to the story?
What can we learn from this character?
What does this character tell us about the world in which they live?
This essay should:
Use a formal, academic essay structure (five-paragraph model).
Present a debatable thesis statement.
Contain well-developed body paragraphs organized around a single idea that supports the thesis.
Incorporate specific (cited) examples from the author’s writing in support of the arguments.
Be formatted in MLA style.
Include a works cited page that includes source citations for any works cited in your paper.
Be written entirely in the third person.