Jarman 8

Please complete the attached work. Once finished, please return the finished documents including the updated SPSS output file.

Summary note

Hi, I will provide you with a paper. For this assignment, please answer 4 questions: (1) what is the research question of this paper? (2) What is the dataset for this project? (3) what is the main research method? (4) what are the main findings? (5) what is the main...

Problem solving

Are there any obvious important pieces of information? Are there any finer details that may mean more than meets the eye? Do you see anything abnormal or out of place? What conclusions can be drawn from the data sets? What changes can you suggest?

Guided Reading

Read the two reports Complete the attached form for each report Provide attached guided notes for presenter For each form, provide a citation page using APA format

Framingham heart study

THIS ASSIGNMENT DOES NOT NEED TO BE 2 PAGES. COMPLETE THE 10 GRAPHS USING SAS!! Review all material. Week 1 and 2 of final project is also attached. Assignment instructions are in the attachments...