learning plan road map

instruction in the file also uploaded my thesis statement for this capstone project 500 words, simple language and format, be realistic.

Baseball and 9/11

Explain how baseball helped heal the emotional wounds of 9/11/01. Choose one specific example from the documentary “Nine Innings from Ground Zero” that illustrates your idea.

Global Events and Sports

Follow the instruction carefully. no citation needed, write in a personal point of view, lots of thoughts. do not exceeds words count

A radical proposal

Please carefully read the scholarly article by Ellen Staurowsky 2011 ‘A radical proposal’ I would like you to provide a 100 word report in your own words of what you think the argument/s in the paper are. You do not need to reference the report....

Shandur Polo Festival

This project/paper incorporates the core concepts learned in this course and demonstrates an understanding of Sports Event Management. Over the course of these eight weeks you must select a sport event to attend and provide a critical assessment of the event. You must...

Documentary Commentary

Watch the documentary “Fists of Freedom” After watching the movie (by next class on Monday Sept. 12 3:59pm) post your comments and react to your classmates comments. The documentary has many symbolic moments, political, sporting and personal stories about...