sociological imagination

write a one and half page critical analysis with supporting context from one of the listed question below. You must support your position by citing and giving examples of your work. Your paper should have a title page, it should be typed, 12-point font, and double...

Firms of Innovation, Meta Research – Facebook (AR/VR)

“The course project is designed for you to do a thorough review, analysis, and reflection on key dynamics of innovation that characterize a particular technology trajectory, field, firm, or governance institution.” This will be the first part of the...

Writer’s Choice

I attached the template for the first assignment for reference (this is what touchstone 3 will be based off of). This is just filling out notecards on the touchstone 3 template that is attached as well.


check the media diary I wrote, based on my diary and those reading I sent to write reflections, I text citation is needed for apa format, and try to cite the reading I sent as much as possible

sociological perspective

You are to read in chapter #1 up on what is the meaning of a sociological perspective, after reading you are to write a two or three paragraph describe your understanding or experience on this concept.

Socialization and social media prompt

Socialization Case Analysis 3: Role of Social Media in our lives Q. Using Mead and Cooley’s theory explain how are teens being affected by social media? And why? Watch the short video on Social Media and the teens (3) How social media is affecting teens –...